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Manual for NeuroMiner Version 1.1#

Software written by Nikolaos Koutsouleris, Clara Vetter & Ariane Wiegand

Manual written by Dom Dwyer

with contributions from Carlos Cabral, Shalaila Haas, Anne Ruef, Adyasha Khuntia, Elif Sarisik, Madalina Buciuman, Mark Dong, Paolo Enrico, Lisa-Maria Neuner, Clara Weyer

Version release date: 12th September 2022

How to cite NeuroMiner#

Koutsouleris, Vetter & Wiegand (2022). Neurominer [Computer software]. Retrieved from neurominer-git/NeuroMiner_1.1

Machine learning for precision psychiatry#

Machine learning techniques are poised to become clinically useful methods that may be used for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment decisions. Despite this, they are currently underutilised in medical studies, and moreso in psychiatric research because most current tools require strong programming and computational engineering skills (e.g., scikit-learn, caret, Weka, nilearn). While there are some great tools that do not require programming experience (e.g., PRoNTo), these tools are often limited to making predictions from domain-specific modalities such as neuroimaging data. This highlights a pressing need for a user-friendly machine learning software that makes advanced methods available to clinical researchers from different fields, aiming at collaboratively developing diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic tools for precision medicine approaches.

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